Inventory Module

Módulo Inventário NetEye

A smart management solution

NetEye’s inventory module gives you total control over everything linked to your network.
Peças de hardware desorganizadas

Know all the configurations and systems on your network.

Automatic reports of all the machines of your network.
Perfect for companies that need meticulous equipment monitoring, licenses and all data needed in audits.

Falta de controle de licenças de software

Ideal to save time.

You don’t need to check everything manually. NetEye manages software licenses (and more) confronting the number of purchases with the number of programs in the workstations and shows the best hardware and software allocations.

No more samplings.

In a well structured company you can collect data from all workstations in a click thanks to NetEye. it reports every hour.
Have you already thought about the revenue?

Automate your inventory with NetEye.
Avoid any imprecision to get between you and your objectives.
Competitors are still doing everything manually, which gives you a huge advantage.


Some of the Inventory Module functions:

Automatically detects:

  • Microsoft products ( like Office and Windows) installation keys;
  • All hardware configurations of the workstations connected to the network;
  • All the softwares installed in these workstations;
  • All software and hardware modifications;
  • All the printers connected to each workstation;
  • USB connections and disconnections;
  • Keeps a history of:

Keeps a history of:

  • All the mentioned events and sends an alert via e-mail;.
  • Any alteration sending an alert via e-mail.


  • The ServiceTag of the workstation Automatically;
  • The AssetTag and the inventory tag when registered in the machine’s BIOS;
  • It makes the inventory of GNU\Linux units too;

Alert System

  • You can configure all kinds of alerts. Choose the alert rules and how you want to be informed of violations;
  • NetEye comes pre-configured with some general alerts but it can be customized, it allows to remove the alerts too;
  • The notifications can be sent to the console and via e-mail. For Example:


  • Software or Hardware modification;
  • USB Connection and Disconnection.


  • Installed licenses and purchased licenses;
  • Expired licenses;
  • Reports and remote alteration possibility.

Some report models are already set:

  • Hardware alterations of one or all the workstations;
  • Licenses of installed softwares and purchased softwares;
  • Remote software installations in the workstations
  • Operational systems

If you want to do it your way, NetEye provides a report editor.

  • For an easier data visualization NetEye generates statistic charts.

Based on the collected data from the Inventory Module you can generate different charts, such as:

  • Partiction’s free space;
  • Total workstation memory;
  • Software license registry.

The registry of purchased software licenses contains:

  • Invoice;
  • Supplier;
  • Purchased licenses;
  • Installed licenses.

NetEye runs a smart analysis of your resources’ allocation.

  • Often companies lose control of their resources because of the impossibility to keep track of what is being used and where;
    Because of this, NetEye suggests you how to optimize your configuration so you can know:
  • Which licenses are nor being used;
  • A better use for your equipment;
  • This way machines can be redistributed among the users accordingly to real needs. And the licenses can be moved to the stations of the agents who really use the software;
  • NetEye allows you to economize through controlling and managing license renewal and purchase channeling investments where they are really needed.