Monitoring Module

Módulo Monitoramento do NetEye

You are in control.

With monitoring module you see in real time how your employees are using your company’s workstations.
Monitoramento evita a perde de foco

A creative and productive environment balances moments of focus with pauses and the rational use of time.

Distractions caused by browsing personal sites, social networks and the use of electronic messengers should be monitored and avoided, aiming at maintaining this balance.

Acesso remoto com o Módulo Monitoramento do NetEye

 With NetEye you can check instantaneously. Just choose and click to see in real time.

You can take control of the station’s keyboard and mouse operating them remotely, or just view the screen and make screenshots.

An easy way to support without the need for staff displacement.

Eliminate or dramatically reduce time and resource losses avoiding to dislocate your support equipe. Using the NetEye Monitoring module, you remotely execute commands, send messages, block or shut down machines. Stations can also exchange files bilaterally, receiving and sharing at the same time.

Fuel, food, lodging, time lost and risks in traffic.

Delete them with NetEye.


Some features of the Monitoring Module:


  • Displaying one or multiple screens;
  • Screen captures;
  • Send messages and commands to the stations;
  • Control the session remotely and transfer files between computers;
  • The interruption of running processes;
  • Choosing users, stations and sectors to be monitored;
  • View or take full control of the remote station’s keyboard and mouse, as well as taking a capture of the user’s screen;
  • List, close, or kill open programs and processes on the remote station;
  • Navigate all files from the remote station and make it possible to download or upload any file or folder;
  • Monitor the use of disk space in a particular location of the network or the station;
  • Set up if access to the machine will require user confirmation or not, for users, stations, sectors or locations, and who shouldn’t be monitored;
  • Report about the Actions of a Console user, among others;
  • Edit reports in own editor;
  • Create polls that can be answered by users;
  • Generate graphs for analysis of survey responses for later viewing;
  • Remote access on multiple stations simultaneously;
  • File transfer with download and upload of folders on several stations simultaneously;
  • View or take full control of the remote station’s keyboard and mouse;
  • Take a capture of the screen of the user’s station;
  • Navigate all files on the remote station and make file transfers possible;
  • Check the use of disk space in a particular network or station location.

Implements 4 types of settings for monitoring:

  • Monitor with user confirmation;
  • Monitor without user confirmation;
  • Configure users that can not be monitored;
  • Inherit the settings of the Sector or Location where NetEye is installed.

The default setting is:
“Allow monitoring without confirmation”
The Location and Sector settings complement each other. If you gave permission to monitor the user by sector, but did not give permission for the site or machine, it will still not allow monitoring

Station permissions:
Same options of user permissions being configured for the stations.

Monitoring Policy:

We recommend that in addition to communicating clearly and broadly the access and monitoring policy, a document should be made describing clearly the rules defined
and informing that the employee may be monitored. This document must be signed by each team member.

We recommend obtaining specialized legal advice to avoid hurting constitutional principles linked to privacy and subsequent problems in the labor and civil sphere.

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