Performance Module

Módulo Desempenho do NetEye

Your IT asset’s transparency

The constant investments in equipment and components cause great financial impact on companies. Imagine if you can evaluate the performance of each machine and plan relocations and upgrades only where they are needed. You can! The NetEye Performance module examines, in real time, each station’s performance, contributing significantly to reducing costs of your company.

Diagnostics to make you save money.

Planning upgrades and relocations is the guarantee of smart and efficient workstation use.

Reports and analyzes when you need them.
The NetEye Performance module constantly monitors the use of each station’s processor (s) and memory (s), needed when deciding on whether or not purchasing equipments.


Some features of the Performance Module:

  • Identifies and alerts the needs of upgrades and relocations of equipment and components;
  • Allows to compare the station’s performances;
  • Maps the use of resources in the computer;
  • Provides graphs of the computer’s memory and CPU use.


  • The memory usage of each computer, historically and graphically;
  • The processor use of each computer, historically and graphically;
  • High memory usage impact on the workstation’s performance;
  • All information is offline, in other words, even when the computer is outside the corporate network or without contact with the server, NetEye reports to the server when the connection is reestablished.


  • Equipment upgrade or relocation analysis;
  • Finding stations with high CPU utilization;
  • Finding stations with high memory usage;
  • Managing network bandwidth usage to shape the traffic of shared data.

Alerts and reports:

  • Alerts on high CPU usage, RAM and disk consumption on the respective workstations;
  • It provides dozens of reports, making it possible to analyze all available information of the module, in addition to filters and the possibility of exporting files as PDF, Excel, Html, Csv, Txt, among others;
  • Provides full report editor, allowing you to change existing reports as well as creating new reports.

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