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Key features of all modules:

Ícone módulo inventário NetEye


Automates your software and hardware inventory, mapping all machines and promoting license management.

Ícone módulo de produtividade NetEye


Measures the time of use of each software in the workstations and allows to configure improper accesses.

Ícone módulo de monitoramento NetEye


Allows remote access to computers with real-time screen viewing.

Ícone módulo segurança do NetEye


Set up locks for program installation, access to websites or use of USB devices, and control printing.

Ícone módulo de desempenho NetEye


It constantly evaluates the performance of equipment, alerting to the need for upgrades or relocations.

Technical support channels:

Ícone E-mail e Chat

Email and chat

Send us an email to raise a support ticket automatically. In order to resolve quick questions, we provide a chat at the bottom of our site as well.

Ícone telefone e acesso remoto

Phone and remote access

You may also phone us for those services that cannot not be provided by email. Our team can remotely access your workstation for additional help.

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Frequently asked questions:

Which forms of payment can I use for my purchase?

We accept credit card payment.

How is NetEye licensed?

The number of NetEye licenses to be contracted is equal to the number of computers you wish to manage.

What are the terms in case of withdraw?

You have up to 7 days, after the purchase, to request the refund of the payment. So, be sure to test NetEye for free before purchasing the software.

What are the discount conditions?

We offer special values for large volumes, philanthropic entities, educational and health institutions. Therefore, ask for your proposal and we will evaluate if your company/organization fits in our discount policies.

What are the terms to activate NetEye's license?

You’ll have your access granted to NetEye within 72h. In the meantime, we will contact you via email and we will disclose how to proceed with the activation.