Productivity Module

Módulo Produtividade NetEye

Check how your resources are used.

NetEye’s productivity module monitors the watching time and usage of any given website or software in each workstation, allowing supervisors to check in real time the productivity of the co-workers in their sector showing the results in a graph. The reports are customizable making it easier to analyze program usage in the workplace as well as the accessed pages, unauthorized accesses to allow a better sector comparison. the identification is provided in real time and stored for further analysis. The configuration of unauthorized accesses is made on the base of keywords defined by the company.

Know what every user is doing on his PC and what he is NOT doing.

Possibility to monitor even outside of the company’s network.

The informations collected by NetEye are saved in the registry (even outside of the company’s network) and provided to the server automatically when the connection is restored. NetEye will work for your security even if the user disconnects himself from your network. 

Perfect for laptops in external service.


Some of the productivity module’s functions:

Gives real time reports and stores for future analysis all unauthorized accesses defined by keywords decided by the company;


  • Charts for data analysis, allowing to select each user, workstation, sector, location and time;
  • Charts and details of these accesses, showing access time for each keyword;
  • Reports of most used softwares users or sectors that use more some softwares users with a specific software open and more.;


  • To get the charts regarding the performance of users and sectors daily, weekly or monthly;
  • Real time monitoring for supervisors of all coworkers in their sectors
    to close a program automatically if visualized for more than the time decided by the supervisor;
  • Customizable configurations to distinguish how much time in navigation is used for work and how much for personal purposes;
  • To produce productivity records even when the pc is outside of the company’s network that will be shared with the server as soon as the connection is restored.

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