Security Module

Módulo Segurança do NetEye

A smart way of managing

We avoid thinking that our files and information may be susceptible to copying, but the reality in a competitive marketplace is that security breaches represent common risks in most companies. If you do not know when a file is being copied to a USB device, or if you do not have control of the pages that arebeing printed you are at great risk.
In this NetEye Module you implement the company’s security policies, such as blocking access to the Control Panel, blocking access to the registry’s editing tools, blocking access to the Command Prompt, and many more.
These policies can persist, remaining in operation even with the workstation outside of the network, and, with no connection. And they can still be
configured by sector or user

You make the rules, NetEye applies them.

When creating rules to block the execution of programs you no longer need to stay vigilant,
NetEye sends an alert/email in case a particular user tries to execute an unauthorized program. The same goes for locking Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod), modems (including 3G), CD Drive, Bluetooth and memory card readers, USB. 

Gain protection and control over stored, copied, and shared data.

Control with flexibility.
You can also enable acesses, the rules are applied according to your preferences. You select which devices can be released or blocked by users or sectors.


Some features of the Security Module:

  • Inhibits information leaks, fraud and violations;
  • It allows defining security policies, such as installing / executing programs and improper access;
  • Manages printed documents, with name of the files, total of pages per user, by sector, etc;
  • Denies access to unauthorized software and to the control panel;
  • Allows the manager to choose to receive alerts via e-mail of attempts to breach the system;
  • Blocks access to unauthorized sites (no proxy or firewall required);
  • Generates alerts on attempts to access unauthorized sites;
  • Records downloaded or changed files on USB devices;
  • Blocks access to USB devices, by user, by sector or for the whole company;
  • Generates report indicating which users have access to USB storage devices;

Generate and edit reports
With your own editor you can export your searches for any purpose, such as audits, labor warning basing, process defense labor (just cause), and even intellectual property control.

Registration of valuable data
With accurate data at hand you can make an accurate analysis of where your resources are going.
Do not be a slave to filming. With NetEye you have data from the prints made, the printer, which document, program used, color or black and white and total printed pages until the files are transfered or alterated in USB devices.
By blocking the user, it can not perform the restricted operation, but the attempt is logged, even when the user is disconnected from the network. Our agent saves the information and updates when reconnecting with the NetEye server.