Logo NetEye Software Monitoramento de TI
On-premises software for monitoring productivity and IT assets.

How to monitor your local network with NetEye:

  • Measure your team’s productivity
  • Remotely access workstations
  • Apply security rules and locks
  • Discover your IT infrastructure
  • Analyse computer’s performance
Logo Adam Software Gestão de Ativos
Cloud software for managing ICT infrastructure and services.

How to manage ICT assets with Adam:

  • Map hardware and software assets
  • Identify your system’s updates
  • Link software licenses and ICT contracts
  • Add mobility to your daily management
  • View information dynamically 

Were our solutions made for you?

O NetEye é pra mim?

If you fit to any of the situations below, then yes, NetEye’s solutions can help you!

  • I need to find out manually all my hardware and software configurations.
  • I’m not aware about the files that are being copied or printed from the corporate network.
  • I don’t know which workstations presents low performance and demand urgent upgrade.
  • My technical team needs to move constantly to solve problems in other sectors or different unities of the company.
  • I want to monitor how much time do my employees spend on social media during the office hour.

Experiment and see how much time you can stop wasting.

Who’s winning with NetEye:

Resources management

NetEye helps managing and controlling the stations of our company in a practical and easy way. many of the promised results, in regard of IT resources management, it was improved thanks to the tool.

Igor T. Camargo
Telhaço Group

Wide and fundamental solution

I recommend NetEye as a wide and fundamental solution for IT managers, it provides detailed informations on the assets of companies and institutions. Furthermore, the interface is easy and userfriendly. It has no secrets.

Charles TCERO
Charles Rogério Vasconcelos
IT Infrastructure Coordinator
Court of Auditors of the State of Rondônia

Possibility to relocate equipments

Using NetEye we were able to collect a bigger number of informations about users and machines. as a consequence, we obtained control over usage and inactivity and the possibility to relocate equipments allowing the maximum revenue accordingly to each user’s profile.

Diego Schwalbert
IT Manager
Sementes Roos

Agile support service

The tool is very intuitive. The reports generated by NetEye are very precise and the support service is very agile.

Suênia Marques
IT Assistant
Unicred NNE

Quality monitoring interface

What can be done with NetEye is simply fantastic. It is imperative for IT managing. Its tools provide infos on where the company is losing resources other than that it grants a quality monitoring interface that you don’t find in any tool.

Eder Pardeiro CEVASA
Eder Pardeiro
IT Specialist
CEVASA - Central Energética Vale do Sapucaí

Productivity increase

NetEye changed radically the conception of ITC in regard to the internet access increasing the productivity of the organic.

Alessandro Santos Concrecon
Alessandro Santos
IT Manager
Concrecon Concreto e Construções Ltda

Great software

Great Software. I tested it and after a brief function exhibition, it fulfilled all the needs with excellence.

Igor Souza Tabelionato
Igor Souza
4º Tabelionato de Notas de Porto Alegre

IT managing

I recommend NetEye for all kinds of company. The Inventory module exceeded all my expectations for the quality of its reports, very useful for IT managing.

Johathan Teclógica
Jonathan da Silva
Tech Support

Verify installed software

I always use NetEye to verify installed software, office/windows serials before formatting the workstations. We use it a lot for inventories too.

Higor Vibra
Higor Matheus B. Gomes
Tech Support
Vibra Agroindustrial

Detecting time losses

Today we finally succeeded in measuring how much each employee really works, detecting possible time losses and activities that don’t allow the equipe to stay focused and NetEye helps us a lot when it comes to productivity, without it we have our eyes closed.

Junior Grupo Stampa
Junior Albainski
IT Manager
Grupo Stampa